Economical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Single Platform,Intelligent Control,Cost-effective

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Single platform laser cutting machine perfectly shows the excellent, exquisite, simple but not simple product performance. It is vividly called "thin plate sharp weapon" by customers. It adopts gantry double drive structure, integrally welded bed and integrally cast aluminum beam, which has good rigidity, stability and earthquake resistance. The machine is designed with small volume, open workbench and structural stability. The machine has the advantages of accurate positioning, good acceleration performance, fast cutting speed and smooth cutting surface.

The newly upgraded second-generation welding bed

Stress annealing treatment is performed to eliminate internal stresses and maintain the extremely high stability and cutting accuracy of the bed.the weld is not easy to crack, and has good tensile performance, toughness and hardness.

Ultra-high stretched aluminum beam

High density, high rigidity and light weight, good dynamic performance, strong deformation resistance, high flexibility, can achieve high-precision positioning and cutting, improve processing efficiency.

Raytools auto-foucs laser head

Using the Raytools laser head, high-speed operation, automatic focus, flexible cutting of different materials and thicknesses of plates.The operation is simple, convenient, fast and accurate.The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to avoid dust pollution.

Professional sheet cutting system Cypcut

Cypcut laser cutting system, economical, flexible and convenient operation,high intelligence, set document reading, design, output, you can control it freely.

Efficient Operation

1.Intelligent obstacle avoidance 2. Flight cutting 3. Extreme speed perforation 4. Automatic typesetting, highly intelligent, efficient and worry free

Wireless controller

It adopts wireless controller, which is easy to control and operate, and can reduce the deformation of pipes. It is easy to operate and control the machine work, such as cutting,  moving, piercing, calibrating, emergency stop, etc.

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