Introducing the GMS 4500: A Portable CO2 Laser Surgical System for Precise Soft Tissue Surgery

2023-03-22 02:44:57 By : Ms. syndra Mia
CO2 Cutting Laser - Grady Medical

article about the Grady Medical Portable CO2 Laser Surgical System, outlining its features, benefits, and impact on the veterinary surgery industry.

Grady Medical has introduced its latest innovation in veterinary surgery, the GMS 4500 system. This mobile, safe, and cost-effective surgical laser is suitable for practices of any size and has already garnered attention for its cutting-edge technology.

The GMS 4500 system boasts of its carbon dioxide (CO2) laser technology, which has become the standard in veterinary surgeries. The ideal wavelength at 10.6m provides precision, making it the perfect tool for all soft tissue surgery. This increased precision cuts down on healing time and reduces the chance of infection, providing better patient outcomes.

The mobility factor also sets the GMS 4500 system apart, as it can be easily transported from room to room, making it an efficient tool for veterinarians. The compact size of the system enables doctors to perform surgeries on-site and in remote locations. The device's mobility also allows for surgeries to be performed outside of a traditional surgery room, like in a barn, which is especially useful for veterinarians who work with larger animals.

The GMS 4500 system is manufactured by Lin Laser Technology Co. Ltd, which focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service of CNC equipment. Being affiliated with Shandong Superstar CNC Machinery Group, the company has had a proven track record of providing quality products since its inception in 2003.

The Grady Medical Portable CO2 Laser Surgical System has been designed to provide a cost-effective option for veterinary practices of any size. With the device's ability to perform surgeries on-site, the added cost of bringing patients to a surgical center can be eliminated. The laser's handheld design also reduces the need for additional equipment, making it an affordable option for practices with a smaller budget.

CO2 Cutting Laser - Grady Medical

The Grady Medical Portable CO2 Laser Surgical System is not only an excellent addition to the veterinary community, but it is also a game-changer. The system allows for more precise operations, providing better outcomes for patients. Additionally, the system is cost-effective and can be used in remote areas, giving veterinarians more flexibility and the ability to perform surgeries outside the traditional surgery room.

The GMS 4500 system is also an eco-friendly option, as it uses low levels of power and does not rely on hazardous materials. Unlike surgical blades, the system reduces waste and prevents the spread of disease between patients.

Dr. Matthew Grady, CEO of Grady Medical, expressed his excitement regarding the new system, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce the Grady Medical Portable CO2 Laser Surgical System to the veterinary community. Our goal is to provide veterinarians with a cost-effective, efficient, and safe tool to perform soft tissue surgeries. We believe the GMS 4500 system is a major step in achieving this goal."

In conclusion, the Grady Medical Portable CO2 Laser Surgical System is the perfect tool for veterinarians looking to increase precision, reduce healing time, improve patient outcomes, and provide affordable options for their patients. The added mobility factor of the system has also revolutionized veterinary surgeries, providing veterinarians the ability to operate outside the traditional surgery room. Grady Medical's introduction of this new system has set a new precedent, raising the standard for veterinary surgical technology.